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About Us

News is one of the primary bits of information for all of. Without news, it would be hard for us to figure out what is happening around the world. At Global Industry Updates, we bring you bite-sized news covers that help you to understand what is going on around in the world.

What makes us special?

Global Industry Updates understands that you need to know what is happening around the world. To help you stay up-to-date with everything, we bring you the easiest, simplest and the perfectly stitched covers of news articles.

Our news articles are:

  • Written simply so that everyone can understand them,
  • We ensure that our news articles contain information from the past, which makes the stories easily understandable,
  • You can find that we help you through and through by listing:
    • Facts,
    • Quotes, or
    • Pictorial representations
      wherever required to help you understand the news piece.

Global Industry Updates is a news portal that helps you to find news as it was meant to be consumed. Our team of writers works hard to ensure that you can enjoy covers of news stories that are correct, backed with facts and interesting.

What do we do?

For us, we understand that covering all categories of news would be hard. Owing to the fact that there is a lot happening around the world, we cannot cover everything. However, here, at Global Industry Updates, we bring you easy to consume news.

We cover four areas, namely:

  • Science,
  • Technology,
  • Health and
  • Business

We ensure that the areas that we cover, we bring you the most happening and important news from all over the world.

Our Team of Writers

Global Industry Updates is run by a team of writers, all of whom are driven and self-motivated. With their impeccable knowledge of the respective fields, Global Industry Updates has become a platform where you can find news bits and pieces.

Our writers work hard and ensure that the information covered is not only true but easy for anyone to read.

Our Promise

Global Industry Updates has been trying to do something different. We wish to bring you news in the most effectively correct manner possible. Working relentlessly to make sure you get that, here is what we promise to deliver:

  • News that is correct and easy to consume,
  • We researched news backed with facts and previous information, and
  • Ethical writing.

Since we are not backed by or involved in any organization or political party, our views and articles are completely unbiased.