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America to celebrate 35th National Ice Cream Day – freebies and discounts abound

Between licking, spitting and urinating, the ice cream industry has taken quite a few undesirable hits in the last few months. But it is time to put all of that behind and celebrate the upcoming National Ice Cream Day.

Back in 1984, President Ronald Reagan had declared July to be the National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month to be the National Ice Cream Day. The announcement had led to a $3.5 billion sales generation by the ice cream industry that year alone.

Sticking to the tradition, local ice cream shops and parlors are expected to do a lot of business coming Sunday. A small business software provider company called Womply stated that the shops can be packed to the brim on this Sunday, compared to any other regular weekend.

“As the summer heats up, consumers are more likely to go out of their way to chill out with a frozen treat,” said Brad Plothow, vice president of brand and communications for Womply. “According to our data, foot traffic at local ice cream shops should be up more than double on National Ice Cream Day, so plan ahead if you find yourself looking for a frozen treat on Sunday.”

Almost all the local shops will have deals and discounts up to increase sales on 21st. Places like 16 Handles, Dylan’s Candy Bar, Dippin’s Dots and Publix are giving out free scoops at a certain point of the day. PetSmart will have a free 4-ounce for dogs sale going on, topped with dog biscuit treats.

Ice cream retails like Carvel, Cold Stone Creamery and Bruster’s Real Ice Cream will reward with coupons and membership points mostly. Baskin-Robbins will give away two pre-packed quarts of any flavor at $7.99.

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