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As Stated by the Huawei Founder Growth May Slow Down Slightly after the USA Restriction

The founder of the Huawei technology and the chief an executive with the name of Ren Zhengfei commented on Saturday in case of the development of the Chinese Tech giant and this can slightly become slow due to the several USA restrictions.

In the remark of the Japanese Press as Nikkei Asian Review reported the same that Ren did reiterate that the maker of the Chinese Telcom tool did not violate the legal aspect.

Ren informed the Japanese Media that “It is expected that Huawei’s growth may slow, but only slightly.” This Ren stated in the first official comment after the occasion of the US restrictions and this will add to the annual revenue of the company and the growth can undershoot around 20%.

On the occasion of Thursday, Washington did put on Huawei and this is one of the biggest and the most successful companies in China and you find the mention of the same on the trade blacklist and this is sure to make things more difficult in case of the Huawei in order to conduct business with most of the USA companies. However, the decision was ignored by China and it said that it will take steps to give the best protection to the companies.

You have the best developments surrounding Huawei and these seem to happen at the time of the trade tensions between Beijing and Washington and this finely dealt with the USA concerns regarding the smartphones of Huawei and the network equipment and the same is used by China for spying on the Americans and the same the allegation has been reportedly ignored and denied by the company.

There is the similar USA ban in case of China’s ZTE Corp and this is known to cripple the business in matters of the smaller Huawei rivals in the early part of the last year before the lifting of the curb.

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