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Breast Cancer & its Symptoms

It’s normal for a woman to get scared when she comes to know she has signs of breast cancer, it is better not to be worried and ignoring it but take proper measures to do treatment, rather than thinking that it would be resolved on its own. If detected at early stage it can be cured. The risk rises with age, but breast cancer can develop at any age.

If any of the common symptoms given below are noticed a woman should immediately go for a doctor’s check-up.

A lump that is hard but painless

One of the most common symptoms of breast cancer is a lump in the breast. But having a lump in the breast always doesn’t mean that it is cancer

Breast skin discolored

This symptom is normally seen among the women in their 60s and it can be a symptom of a rare type of breast cancer is known as inflammatory breast cancer. The woman might come in saying her breast is red, inflamed and she feels heavy.

Shrinking of one breast

In some woman both the breast used to be full but suddenly one of them is visibly smaller. It might be due to a tumor in one breast which causes shrinkage.

The breast has the texture of a golf ball

If an area of the breast skin looks dotted by small holes that are hollow it may indicate breast cancer.

Nipples are inverted

Some women have nipples that point out while others have nipples that are perfectly flat or are pointed inward. But if it is noticed that the nipple is no longer erect and is now inverted, then it needs a checkup.

Unusual discharge from the nipple

Nipple discharge, including bloody discharge, it’s time to call a doctor. But still unexplained nipple discharge along with a lump is a red sign.

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