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Does Samsung really need to launch Note 10 when Galaxy S10+ is already an Android topper

At present, Samsung Galaxy S10+ is in every list of best Android phones in the market and sits right at the top of most of those lists. Several user reviews and feedbacks reflect the same as well. The device checks all the right boxes – hardware, software, camera quality, display features, battery life, and more.

But within no more than four months’ time of the launch of S10+, Samsung is bringing out their Galaxy Note 10 on August 7. And like with every new Note launch since Galaxy S8+ turned out to almost identical to Note 8, the question is posed to the tech giant – is it really necessary? Is it not a wastage of company resources to have two almost-similar products in the market?

Turns out, not really.

Both the phones are rumored to have longer battery life and faster charging, with Note 10 getting a slight edge ahead of S10+ with a marginally bigger screen, triple rear camera and the S pen. However, all things considered, if Samsung must lose out on the sales of Galaxy S10+ to some other phone, it might as well be their own.

It can be supposed that the Note 10 and Note 10+ models would certainly have something more, something better than Galaxy S10+, despite the striking similarities. That would mean elevation of status for the entire Galaxy product line and obviously, more revenue and positive feedback for the company. Moreover, companies like Samsung can always rely on loyal customer bases to go ahead and own the top-of-the-line products at all times.

All things considered, any difference or not, both the product lines are helping Samsung to stay relevant in the market and earn revenue while at it. In the current situation, that seems like quite a lucrative objective to achieve for Samsung.

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