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E-Cigs not that safe, pose threats to cardiovascular health

Sure enough, E-cigarettes have been marketed as “safe” for years now. However, the truth of the matter is that they can be bad for your heart. The flavor used for these e-cigs can damage the cells that line your blood vessels, and can even cause grave damage to your heart in the long run.

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology in the last week of May 2019, finds that “e-liquids” pose a huge threat to the blood cells in our bodies. What’s more, is that the blood cells’ functionality, as well as their ability to survive, can be hindered with the “e-liquids.”

Furthermore, the author of the study says that these results are the aftermath of a study undertaken without any nicotine in it. The study suggests that even in the absence of nicotine, e-cigs can cause heart diseases.

US Food and Drug Administration announced in November stated that vaping among high-schoolers increased by 80% and among middle-schoolers went up by 50% since the year before. With that in mind, the author also states that one of the primary reasons for the misconception that e-cigs are safe is that they contain fewer cancer-causing elements when compared to combustible cigarettes. Another reason, the author finds, is that most of the e-liquids are sold in fruity and sweet flavours, which cause more misconceptions.

Apart from the increasing worry to cardiovascular health, the experts also believe that e-cigs could harm the developing minds of the children and put them in harm’s risk. Furthermore, it could also get the children hooked onto nicotine way before in their lives.

The additives in the e-liquids are yet another possibility for causing harm to the bodies. The e-cigs contain just as many chemicals and elements as the usual cigarettes.

Lisa Gaspar
Lisa Gaspar Author
Sr. Editor & Writer At Global Industry Updates

Lisa is into the healthcare profession for the past 6 years. She has been a part of important medial delegations all across the globe. Her immense knowledge in healthcare has proved an asset for us and readers. Credit goes to her interesting write-ups through which she shares every bit of healthcare-related news and information.

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