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Facebook Creates ‘Tsabi,’ A Unique, Prototype VR Bangle

Recent times have seen the rising popularity of VR in almost all the age groups. As well-known and interesting as they are, the bulkiness of the devices is a major let down. To solve that issue, Facebook has now come up with ‘Tsabi,’ a prototype VR bangle that stands apart from all its competitors in the VR world. The company claims that this chunky device worn on the wrist makes the users “feel” their actions while they are playing a game.

Tsabi works when the user/gamer wears one bangle on each wrist. Then, when the user takes any action in the game, like touching something or picking up an object, even though the user is not actually, physically touching anything, the device will make the user think that they are. This, it does by emitting sensations and vibrations at the wrist that will trick the brain into thinking that they are actually “feeling” that surface.

Facebook is yet to publish its research paper on this unique and much anticipated VR accessory. Although we have had VR gloves, the idea of Tsabi is very exciting. It seems like technology is finally bridging the gap between what’s real and we see on the screen.

Unfortunately, the only thing that seems like a drawback for Tsabi, the haptic bangle, is the fact that it does not perform motion tracking and so, it has to be used while being in conjunction with computer vision sensors.

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