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Google Data Proves the Two Factor is the Ideal Defense in Case of Account Hacks

Once a week I have someone to ask me regarding the best and the apt security advice.

In the process, the detailed answer would be that it entirely depends on the threat model. This is just the best way of commenting on what would be the best security advice for the massive group of people and this is not necessarily what the nuclear scientists and the government spies are in need of.

The shortest the answer would be to turn on the double factor, and yet no one believes in the fact.

You can approach the cybersecurity professional and this is surely the most vital than making use of the strong and the amazing passwords. The double factor is sure to act as an additional move in the usual and the perfect log-in method with the sending of the unique code in matters of the personal device and this is the perfect defense system in case of the hacker and the perfect online account data.

However, there is no need to take for the word in the case as the Google data will be out in the week and this is sure to show the real worth of the simpler and the weakest form of the two factors against the several attacks.

The kind of research with the help of the New York University and also the University of California, that San Diego is sure to show the sort of the device based a challenge like the text message or the prompting of the device and in the case it can cause prevention of the usual sort of mass scale attacking.

The data of Google is sure to show the possession of the text message sent to the phone of the other person and this is sure to prevent 100% of the automatic bot attack that makes use of the stolen list of the passwords in case of the login pages and 96% of the phishing attacks that will indeed try in hacking the passwords.

Julius Phillips
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