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Google is less caring for rewarding loyal Pixel customers whereas trying to chase after iPhone users

Buying a chief phone presently can put an appalling burden on the user’s wallet. One of the ways to comfort some of the burden is by taking advantage of contract-in offers which many manufacturers provide. This aid contributes to the cost of the user’s new shiny smartphone it also helps in converting the users from other brands or acts as a support bonus for previous customers.

Many customers are feeling affronted by Google’s assumed value of Pixel 4 of its own phones. In Despite Google advertising savings is up to $400, it only offers a meager $295 for a 128GB, Pixel 3 XL in intact condition. Samsung values the Pixel 3 XL more than Google, offering a deal-in value of $450 when buying a Note 10. It is also of the same estimate as it gives its own Note 9 if the user is trading over to upgrade the last year’s model.

It was quite better trading in an iPhone from last year that will naturally get more back, compared with the iPhone X that is saving up to $395 and the iPhone XS Max takes up to $600. The Android phone that is similar to Samsung Galaxy S10+ which can exclude up to $590 in savings.

Google is also less caring for rewarding loyal Pixel customers whereas it is trying to chase after iPhone users. The Pixel customers are feeling deprecated at the moment.

If the user is thinking to buy a Pixel 4 with a trade-in, it would be better off going through Verizon or T-Mobile. Verizon is currently offering $450 for a trade-in for the older Pixel and the user can even get the Pixel 4 for free with trade-in if the user is one of the new customers at T-Mobile.

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