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Google makes the First Indexing of the Mobile Phone the Default Mechanism for all the New Systems

At the ending point of the year, 2018 Google has announced regarding the first indexing of the mobile phone by making use of the mobile version of the website in matters of the pages being indexed. Things were used as more than half of most of the web pages in the Google version as part of the search results. In the present time, Google has made an announcement that there will be the default system of the first indexing of the mobile phone and all the new domains will be unleashed from the 1st of July 2019.

This implies that with the registration of the new website that is the crawling of Google’s Smartphone known as Googlebot. This is the sort of mobile-friendly content the same should be used for the indexing of the pages. This will also help in the understanding of the structure of the site and this can even show the snippets from the site of the Google search results with the best of relevance.

There is the first indexing initiative was taken by the mobile and this has come the long way from the time of the first announcement made by Google and the plan was made back in the year 2016. In the year December 2017, Google started to roll out the first indexing of the mobile phone in case of the handful of the sites. However, things were not being specified which are the ones which did not make a part of the early testing group. At the time of last March, there was the rolling out of the mobile indexing on a larger scale. By the end of the year, half of the web pages were being indexed with the help of Googlebot and this is the Smartphone version of Google.

Google is on the way to explain regarding the new changes in matters of indexing of the sites and the aim of the same is to help the company’s primary mobile phone users in the better searching of the web.

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