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Google Making adjustments to the Bluetooth earphone sector and app

Ever since the Air Pods were pitched in the market back in 2016, there has been a constant change and development in the market of Bluetooth earphones.

Since the Air Pods are the true definition of Bluetooth earphones, with each side of the earphone is a different and separate entity, it is Android’s turn to make adjustments to its devices and its managing the Air Pods.

With that being said, Android is amping up its management of the wireless earphones. A new update is all set to roll out which would help you to figure out how much juice you are left in the earphones.

The new adjustments will allow you to see how much battery you have in the case, in the right or the left earbud. Additionally, devices connected to your android through the Fast Pair mode will soon show up on Find My Device, meaning, it would be easier for you to track down where one of your missing earbuds is.

What’s more, is that all of this will come upon a detailed page inside the Android. Plus, you get to see the remaining battery on the page, you get to check out the Find My Device option and you also get to find a link to the headphone’s companion app as well. And if the device is compatible with Google Assistant, even that would show up.

The Bluetooth device page for Android is going to roll out later this year with Android Q. However, there is no news or announcement regarding when the Find My Device and battery indicators on the Android will go live.

However, Google has mentioned, that you need to have a device that is compatible with Android to access this.

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