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Google’s Chromebook laptop –Pixelbook Go and its features in reasonable price

The Google Pixelbook is now available with a slim metal body, large touchpad and big 13.3-inch screen. There is also a new made in town by Google Chromebook. It is neither convertible keyboard hybrid nor snap-on keyboard solution like the last year’s PixelSlate. It is simply a laptop.

The Pixelbook Go is constructed to be a lighter, improved and more reasonable Chrome laptop compared to the costly Pixelbook, Google made two years before. The Go has a bigger screen that is 13.3 inches but its lighter has 2.4-pound turn to a magnesium frame.

The Pixel design and the touches

The Pixelbook Go is lighter and designed with a new keyboard for better typing. The touchpads are bigger too. The Pixel phone like patterns of the Pixelbook Go is chiefly in the colors. The curved and the comfy feel fit the look.

Fast Charging

Fast charging with the USB –C which offers 2 hours advance in 20 minutes that is mostly expected in a phone. According to Google, the larger battery would stay longer nearly 12 hours on a full charge.

Standard Specs and no micro SD card slot

The Pixelbook Go can start at a price range of $649The base specs of Core M3 Processor, 64GB storage capacity and 8GB RAM seems to be good because there is no micro SD card slot hence the storage the position remains fixed.

Chromebook in Chromebook World

The Pixelbook Go has the option of Google’s device portfolio and will be sold beside the older Pixelbook and Pixel Slate. The Pixelbook Go laptop is reasonable starting at $650.

Already there are a number of less costly Chromebooks, among these, some of them are cheap but offer more flexibility. The Pixelbook Go might be a medium-range laptop costing $700.

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