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 Google’s new Nest Wifi & its Features

Google’s new Nest Wifi is now available with the features that everybody likes to have in a smart speaker and combined with mesh Wifi speakers. From November the new Nest Wifi will be available in the US at different price points. But Google will desire the users to buy the pack which includes one main router, one main Point which also performs as a smart speaker for $269.

Both the devices are curved little cylinders. The routers are pretty larger compared to the Points and only comes in colour white whereas, Points which are just a little smaller than routers comes in three colours like snow, mist, and sand. They are formed of matte plastic. Each Point looks like the size and shape of the scented candle jars.

As a smart speaker, the Points have some of the features common with the new Nest Mini smart speaker. Some of the internal parts of Nest Mini and Points are similar but Point is a bit taller than Nest Mini hence it has more space inside to create bigger sounds.

Nest Mini Party Trick is also shared by Point, it lights up when the user reaches to show the volume, the play/pause touch area on the top. At the bottom of the Point, a white ring light is activated when the user is listening. When the user cast the switch to disable the microphone it shows a ring of orange light. There is also a framework to turn off the orange ring to leave the Point. The Wifi settings will be now available in the Google Home app. The users will be able to apply voice commands to switch on or off the Wifi for particular devices.

The Nest Wifi is launching in the US first and then in the UK, Australia, Germany, France, Singapore.

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