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Huawei’s supposed replacement of Android is actually meant for industrial use only

There has been a rumour in the air for quite some time now that Huawei is aiming to create an operating system capable enough to replace Android at large. It was believed to be in preparation of having alternatives to Google since Trump Administration laid a ban on the company last year. It banned Huawei from working with American organizations like Google, but postponing of the full effect of the ban has allowed them to use the services of Android.

However, in the latest report provided by the Chinese state news agency, Xinhua, the operating system, called Hongmeng, is primarily focused on industrial use only. It happens to be a much simpler OOS in comparison to the likes of Android or iOS, as per a statement given by SVP Catherine Chen. This news reflects another previous report that said the OS was being developed to be used in IoT devices.

However, just because Hongmeng is meant for industrial use at present, it does not mean it cannot be improved and adapted into something more? There is a high possibility of the Chinese tech giant utilizing their vast resources to make something bigger with the seeds of this software – and that would be a surprise to no one.

Although the Trump-led American ban happened very suddenly, the company’s future objectives have been a topic of discussion in relevant circles for a while now. The report by Xinhua also stated that the development of this OS has been on the cards from before the ban was imposed. It is obvious that Huawei is preparing to be armed to the teeth for some sort of a comeback.

So who is to say they are not already working on a full-scale operating system, and simply waiting for the opportune moment to reveal its details?

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