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If you have Bought Nexus 6P you Could Receive Compensation from Google and Huawei

In the United States of America, the consumers and the buyers who have encountered problems with the 6P smartphones are eligible for receiving an amount of US$400 in the form of compensation after Huawei and Google are all set in settling the 2017 class action legal suit in the northern part of California. The lawsuit was levied against the two eminent companies based on the procedure of legal filing. Recently there has been a defect and this has led to several issues. There was the problem in the rebooting of Nexus 6P and there are instances of permanent failure and there has been a noticeable decrease in battery life.

The funny part of the whole thing is that there will be no charge in the phone even when the battery is showing that it is full. The phone will shut down suddenly and this will give you the indication that there is no charge on the phone. Soon after the launching of the gadget, it gained wide appreciation. It scored 88% as part of the review. The phone suffered issue soon after the launching and the case of battery drainage has always been the main issue. The consumers started reporting at random. Things seemed impossible when one could not get the phone out of the boot loop.

In fact, things seemed impossible and it was hard to get the phone back to action even after wiping the data or reflashing the system. It has been confirmed by the Google representative that the company has been investigating the issue but the main blame was on the hardware of the phone. It was advice for the consumer to contact the point of purchasing in matters of the warranty or the repairing options. The owners of the device have contacted the Huawei and it has been reported by the Chinese firm that none of the rejections would be accepted in support of the point that the hardware comes with a fault.

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