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In the Month of June Google will shut down the Jump VR Podium

The Jump VR Platform of Google is sure to go offline by the ending of June. This has started to tell the users in the successful downloading of the data before things are sure to shut down absolutely. The tech giant has launched the Jump Back in the year 2015 and this has caused simplification in the creation of the 3D 360-degree videos by making use of the shots and the videos are captured by the compatible and the perfect camera rigs and these are mainly composed of the dozen of action cameras. Once things are uploaded, Google will make the best use of the Cloud power in the automatic stitching of the things.

In the email which has been sent to the users and the notice being posted on top of the Jump FAQ Page, the tech giant has made a declaration that the platform will decline from accepting the downloads for the right processing at the time of 11:59 PM Pacific on June 26th. Those who would really like to receive the data copy, they are sure to upload things to the cloud until the time of 27th June and things can be downloaded all at once. On the 28th of June Google will start to erase the cloud data from Jump and this will help in deactivating the several accounts.

Based on the details reported by the company to the users the declining userbase will compel in the shutting down of the service. People have seen the emergence of the good numbers of alternative solutions in case of the creators and this will also include VR180. You have the set of the new cameras and formats along with the tools for editing and things are becoming available with the usage and decline of the Jump Assembler. In most of the cases, the camera rigs will support the Jump like in cases of GoPro Odyssey and the Yi Halo.

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