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Is there a possibility that Elon Musk’s Neuralink activities are linked to the self-driving cars?

This week’s the AI autonomous vehicle industry came out to be quite a show. With Elon Musk and his showcasing of new tech, wares, and other new things, there were some questions to be asked.

With the recent announcement of self-driving cars to be made accessible by Tesla, there has been a lot of deliberation over how it will be done. Only recently, Elon Musk’s company, Tesla, said that very soon the world would say hello to self-driving cars.

For the first year, the car’s will require a person to drive them. But after that the cars will be able to drive around on their own, meaning you could even sleep in the driver’s seat and you won’t have to worry about driving and other things.

However, the catch here is, how is Elon Musk going to achieve it? With the world full of many types of differences and different types of drivers, how can self-driving cars perform that well on the roads? At the event, the question of whether there was a link between Musk’s activities with Neuralink and self-driving cars linked.

To which, the answer was quite simple and straightforward, no there is not. However, the fact that Musk had acquired the company, Neuralink back in 2016, he had not made the fact public until 2017. Since then, many people thought Musk had something to hide.

Although one might feel that there is a lot of futuristic gleam to the idea of the Neuralink scientists and their work being implemented to make the self-driving cars a possibility that is just fiction. In truth, it is the massively powered software that will do the trick and not the brain implanted stuff. Want a bite out of the sci-fi story? Check out Forbes story on this!

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