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Lyme Disease: Was the Pentagon behind it all along?

The US has had a bad history of testing its biological weapons on the public first. However, the issue comes out when the House of Representatives has been asking for proof and validations.

Kris Newby, the author of “Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons,” only recently talked about how ticks could have been weaponized and used in the past. During an interview with Fox and Friends, he discussed if the Pentagon had used ticks to spread Lyme Disease during the Cold War or not.

With the disease still ravaging the country, Newby was responding to a call from the lawmakers. She had been inquiring about the disease and if the pentagon had something to do with it. She says that she is excited about this. Furthermore, she is surprised how most of the files from the Cold War are classified.

A writer for the Stanford University School of Medicine, Newby says that most of the information is hidden by the government. But she also says that since Congress is involved in this issue, she may be able to get some answers. The charge is being led by Rep. Chris Smith, who says that many bioweapons had been used in the past, wherein in ticks with pathogens were known to cause severe diseases and even death in certain cases.

Newby has also said that when she was writing the book, she researched it for 5 whole years. However, there was a lot of data she could not find or read. She hopes that now those files may become accessible.

She still wonders if the Pentagon was behind the crazy tick-induced disease in the late ‘60s in Long Island.

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