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 Microsoft is struggling to get updates for Windows 10 users

Microsoft has been really struggling to get updates for Windows 10 users. To avoid potential problems, the Windows 10 users are advised to install a critical update and then confirming the Windows Update Assistant. After the latest Windows 10 update, KB4520062, was released, Microsoft advised some of the users not to install this update as it might break the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) service.

This is the second increasing update for Windows 10 users in October and it’s not an important one from the security angle. The update, KB4520062 or OS build 17763.832 preferred has several features, according to Microsoft. These also include preventing the unused block from appearing in the Start menu when boosting to version 1809 from another previous version of Windows 10 and also fixing the matter with the settings app failing if the user changes the theme.  The other features are like fixing a power utilization point in standby mode and also aborting a black screen from appearing just after the first sign of updating installation.

While this won’t bind Windows 10 consumer users, it’s something of a big deal as far as those business users who rely upon Windows Defender ATP to protect them are concerned. Windows 10 Enterprise has a set of antivirus and security tools. There are also cases when the user doesn’t install the aggregate update. Microsoft said working on a settlement and evaluates a solution which will be available in mid-November 2019.  It is also suggested that devices that are in an affected environment do not install the update. The affected environments being those running either Windows 10 version 1809 or Windows Server 2019 along with Microsoft Defender ATP.

There is good news that not all 900 million users of Windows 10 are banged by this Defender-breaking update and that it is not at all mandatory.

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