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Processed Food will cause Weight Gain but it is more about Calories

Plenty of researches have been discovered based on the mice linking processed food and this will lead to problems like the overweight and inflamed intestine.

However, you cannot match the mice with the people, as pointed out by several critiques. In the case of humans, the researchers have been able to find out the linking between processed food and detrimental health outcomes. This will lead to an enhanced risk of developing conditions of obesity and cancer and it can lead to autoimmune conditions and the ultimate consequence can indeed be fatal.

According to the details of the NOVA food classification, the group of the ultra-processed foods will include packaged snacks, soft drinks, frozen meals, meat nuggets, and the foods including high additives and have lesser unprocessed ingredients.

Kevin D. Hall, who belongs to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases in Bethesda is of the opinion that “Previous studies have found correlations between ultra-processed food consumption and obesity.”

Hall and his colleagues are sure to present with the results of the controlled clinical trial and he is sure to compare the effects of both the unprocessed and the ultra-processed foods in case of the humans and this is published in the journal Cell Metabolism.

The research team has been recruiting ten of the males and ten of the female representatives who are there at the NIH Clinical Centre for the exact span of 28 days.

Part of the individuals are known to have the intake of the ultra-processed food at the time of the initial two weeks and at the same time the other has been receiving the unprocessed food. After the period of two weeks, the groups have shifted and no all individuals are made to have both varieties of the processed and the unprocessed foods again for a time limit of two weeks.

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