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 Samsung Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint sensor has a security fault

A report published in the Sun asserts that the Samsung Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint feeler has a security fault. The gel cover style screen defender can confuse the ultrasonic feeler and if the fingerprint is registered when the cover is applied, then the phone can start unlocking by itself for anyone’s fingerprint, not only to those whom the user has registered.

A statement has been issued that the customers should only use Samsung authorized accessories with their device. The Samsung Company told BBC news that they are alert of the case of S10’s non-functional fingerprint awareness and will soon issue a software stretch. A twitter user commented that the Note 10, which has a similar sensor like the S10 is also prone to the same issue.

After S10 was announced people have known that it doesn’t work well with different kinds of screen protectors. A video was posted previously in the month of February by Marques Brownlee demonstrated how the phone suffered to analyze the fingerprint that was previously registered after applying a thick glass screen protector. However, it was seen that he didn’t try to register a fingerprint just after the screen protector was applied. A regular plastic protector that was tested by Brownlee appeared to work just fine.

The company has also said that some screen benefactor that come with silicone phone cases can be recognized alongside fingerprints by the phone’s sensor.

If the user is worried about the possible security risks then there is a need for a screen protector on phone. The easiest solution is to use the screen protector that is pre-applied within the device. It might be a basic plastic sheet that won’t last for a lifetime, but can be replaced. The screen protector costs $29.99, but the gel cover can be bought for £2.70.

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