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Samsung the screen protectors make the sensor malfunction needs software update

Samsung’s new high-tech fingerprint reader on the latest Galaxy smartphones have a major blemish: It can be deceived by the silt that was left by the user’s fingers on a screen protector. The company is warning customers who bear the latest Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 phones should remove their screen protectors until a software update is released by Samsung.

Samsung is raising a warning about the new Galaxy smartphones. The company says anyone can unlock the user’s phone.

It was recently discovered by a British woman that her husband could unlock her Samsung phone when he placed his thumb on the fingerprint reader, which was enclosed in an economical case. According to Samsung, the screen protectors make the sensor malfunction and software updates will fix the issue.

Samsung is telling the customer not to use silicone screen protecting cases. If the user uses the front screen protective covers, to assure excellent fingerprint scanning.

The topic affects all the models of Samsung’s new S10 and Note 10 phones, which can scan people’s fingers through the phone’s screens.

 According to Samsung’s website, the phones will be provided with ultrasonic fingerprint scanners, which will use the soundwaves to create a 3D map of a person’s fingerprint. Samsung has also warned that some of the screen protectors might make the sensor defect. The company will provide a screen protector that will be specially designed for the ultrasonic fingerprint reader and a cost of at least $20 will be required to replace.

Samsung phones are launched as a history of trouble. The plan that was released of the Galaxy Fold was pushed back for several months during this year. After some of the customer’s batteries caught fire before two years Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note 7 which costs the company billions of dollars.

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