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Second of its kind, a pocket shark found and it glows in the dark too!

Sharks have been known to sniff their preys out, deadly and sharp. However, there are one particular species of shark that does not have to do anything.

The first of its kind, a bio luminous shark has been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. The shark is five and a half inches long and it glows in the dark. Without doing anything, the shark’s preys come directly to it when it glows.

According to a study by the Tulane University study, this American Pocket Shark is more wondrous than it is fearsome. The first-ever sighting of the shark came in 2010. This happened when a group of researchers was looking to study sperm whales. It was then that the group of researchers came across a teeny male kitefin shark.

Three years later, a researcher, Mark Grace, found the shark again. This time in a pool with the less luminous specimen. An interesting fact is that until now, only two types of pocket sharks have been discovered, one in the eastern Pacific region and the other, here, at the Gulf of Mexico.

According to experts, both of the shark species are different. And both of these are exceedingly rare to find as well. As per the study, this tiny shark secretes a bio luminous fluid from near its front fins. It is being thought that the fluid that glows in the dark is done to attract its preys to the shark.

However, it is not uncommon to see deep seawater animals glow in the dark. It is seen in planktons and many other types of species. According to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, sea animals glow because of a chemical change in their body that emits light. The reasons could be to mate, to warn a predator or to attract prey.

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