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Slack making new changes to the Desktop app

Slack is making new changes to its interface and is enhancing the usability. According to the company, it is bringing in a new app for both Windows and iOS platforms.

Ensuring that the users get the best experience, Slack has switched up the app for better use. The first thing to note here is that the app will load 33% faster than before. Plus, the app will also make use of 55% less RAM compared to the previous use.

Now, both of these changes in the app are huge. It will help users. However, the maximum benefit of the app will be witnessed by those who make use of multiple workspaces on the platform already.

The difference now is that the app will not create individual copies of the code and components of each and every workspace. But will reuse the existing components, thereby helping you reduce the use of memory on your computer.

Over the past few years, Slack has been working to bring these new features onboard. To make sure that this happens, the app had been getting many updates. Although it still runs on Electron, the app has made use of the React to fix some of the problems.

Along with these new features, the app has also received a tune-up of Wi-Fi connections. The app will function perfectly well even if you have a bad connection or you are offline. However, Slack is not bringing in the offline mode just yet.

However, it will cache your messages and data to ensure fluid mobility and that you can read the messages again.

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