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The Blue Moon of the Year 2019: What Awaits Tonight?

The moon on this night is not like the regular moon type. It will be the Blue Moon based on the statement of NASA.

In reality, the color of the moon is sure not to be blue.

In fact, there are two ways which can help you have the Blue Moon.

The ideal definition of the same is having two full moons in one single month. Keeping aside the first, the second one is known as the Blue Moon.

Based on the findings of NASA, this is sure to happen on an average of every 2.5 years.

However, you have one more way to define the Blue Moon. It is known to be the third full moon in the season with four full moons together. The definition will go back to the time of 1528 and this is the one to be used during the time of the full moon weekend.

You also have the occasion of the Astronomical Spring and this is made to happen in the northern hemisphere. This starts from the time of the spring equinox that happens on 20th March to the time of summer solstice on the 21st of June.

During the time span, there are sure to be four full moons.

  • You have the first full moon on 20th March and this is also known as worm moon.
  • The second one is on 19th April and this is known as the pink moon.
  • Then comes the third full moon on 18th May and this is known as both flower moon and the blue moon.
  • The fourth moon is on the 17th of June and this one is known as the strawberry moon.

The strawberry the moon is sure to happen before the time of the solstice and this makes happen all the four full moons at the time of the spring season.

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