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  The ex NASA employee suggested existence of life in Mars & in 1997 LR discovered living microorganisms in Mars

NASA opposed the volatile declaration of the ex-employees that the space department has found any indication of life on Mars in the 1970s.

The opinion of the collective general of the huge mass of the scientific community does not believe in the results of the Viking experiments that seem to be a rise to the level of remarkable indication.

One of the key targets of NASA is the exploration of life in the universe. They are still in a search to find out space inhabitant life. The solar system and beyond is being researched by NASA to find out the answer to whether we are alone in the universe or another extraterrestrial life exists.

Gilbert Levin worked on the mission Viking to the Red Planet in the 1970s and persuaded that the space agency found traces of life on Mars. According to the article of Gilbert Levin, the work over mission Viking to the Red Planet during the decades made it clear from the data of Labeled Released (LR) in 1976, which was found to be supportive of finding life.

As the experiment proceeded, a total of four positive results were supported by five varied controls which flowed down from the twin Viking spacecraft and were landed some 4,000 miles apart. LR took samples from the Martian soils which contained organic compounds and also there was a look for carbon dioxide. The result indicated that there was the regeneration of carbon dioxide, it is possibly due to the microorganism like that in the Earth.

A series of missions has been done to determine whether there is a suitable habitat for the existence of life on Mars. The ex NASA employee had suggested that life existed on Mars and even in 1997 LR has discovered living microorganisms in Mars.

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