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The Involvement of Tesla Model 3 in the Third Massive Crash

For the third consecutive time, the Tesla Model 3 is crashing with the semi-automated Autopilot mode still working live. This you come to know from the preliminary report based on the US National Transportation Safety Board is also known as NTSB.

In the early the morning of 1st March 2019 at the time of 6:17 am, a man of 50 years of age with the name of Jeremy Banner was driving the specific model southbound of the destination of the state highway 441 (US 441) in the area of the Delray Beach, Palm Beach County, in Florida. The speed of Banner was 65 mph when it banged against the eastbound 2019 truck-tractor as combined with the semitrailer. Banner got killed, but the driver did not get injured in the process.

Based on the findings of the NTSB report, the system of Tesla autopilot was turned on for the time span of 10 seconds and this happened before the crash. According to the report “from less than 8 seconds before the crash to the time of impact, the vehicle did not detect the driver’s hands on the steering wheel.” To be precise, the Banner made the Autopilot on and the hand was removed from the wheel.

Tesla is known to walk the fine line and it has warned all the drivers regarding such an action and at the same, it has promoted the capabilities of the Autopilot. At the time of the last year, the Company is known to introduce the improved and the proper version and this is what the Tesla drivers are referring as the sort of the “Autopilot Nag” reminders.

When the car is traveling at the speed of more than 45 mph the issue of the Banner is to hold the steering wheel after just a minutes time and for the same, there is no car before the Autopilot for mimicking.

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