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The issue of Vaccines during the epidemic, Ebola

The eruption of the Ebola virus in Africa has many concerned. Started about a year ago, this disease and the growing virus has already claimed 1700 people in Africa.

As the issues spread, the outreach of the virus widens, the health officials in Africa have finally declared the issue as a global public health emergency on Wednesday. However, to combat the speedy spread of these diseases, there is an immediate need for vaccinations in the affected areas.

At present, a vaccine developed by Merck & Co. is being used to treat the patients in Africa. However, truth be told, all the vaccines at present are just in their experimental stages. There is one developed by Johnson and Johnson’s, which is still sitting in the warehouses.

The epidemic has drawn many concerns and statements from various people around the world. The director of the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Peter Piot, says that it is absolutely necessary to try out every means and tools necessary to contain the epidemic. Furthermore, is of the opinion that both of the experimental vaccines, the Merck & Co. and Johnson and Johnson’s should be tried out.

The World Health Organisation, WHO has 245,000 doses of an experimental vaccine from Merck & Co. According to late June-meetings by the health officials in Africa, about 143,000 vaccines have already been used. Furthermore, the remaining are to be used in part doses, thereby doubling them.

According to Merck, the company could provide 100,000 more doses by January. Furthermore, the company plans on providing overall 900,000 more doses in a period of six to eighteen months.

So far, only the Merck vaccine has been used. However, there is the talk of making use of the J & J vaccine as well.

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