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The NASA’s Prolific Mars Orbiter end its 60,000 Laps of the Red Planet

MRO or Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter of NASA is here to clock the total of the 60,000 laps around the Mars orbit and during the time things are probed to collect the most precious data regarding the planet’s surface and the level of atmosphere.

MRO is known to circle Mars once every 112 minutes and it travels about 2 miles in every second and this is 3.4 kilometers in each second. On the 15th of May, the probe is sure to reach the 60,000-lap milestone at the time of 1:39 p.m. EDT (1839 GMT). This is based on the statement made by NASA.

Dam Johnston the project manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA said that “MRO has given scientists and the public a new perspective of Mars.” The JPL is based in Pasadena in California and he made a statement that “We’ve also supported NASA’s fleet of Mars surface missions, allowing them to send them images and discoveries back to scientists on Earth.”

The MRO mission was launched in the August of 2005 and this has entered the Mar’s orbit since the time of March 2006. The probe started the science operation. On November 2006 and here you can get detailed views about the surface of the Red Planet and this will help in monitoring the regular weather pattern with the usage of the High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment Camera known as HiRISE. The collected data of MRO will help in preparing for the future crewed missions to the destination of Mars and this can help in the identification of the possible landing sites and this has been mentioned by the NASA officials in the statement.

MRO will also serve as the kind of the primary relay in case of NASA’s Curiosity rover. This is the ground-oriented spacecraft which can best interact with the orbiter and this will then beam back the data to one of the NASA’s Earth-based Deep Space Network Antenna.

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