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The next NASA mission to Moon being called the “Artemis lunar operation”

Astronauts, moon and the talk of going back has never ceased ever since humankind set its foot on the moon. However, over the past few months, there have been discussions to put the US astronauts back on the moon.

Finally, the day might come. Only recently the capsule that would take the US astronauts back to the moon was revealed to be ready. The vice-president Mike Pence unveiled the capsule on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing.

The Artemis lunar operation, which is the newest NASA operation to put the humans back on the Earth’s satellite is to take the astronauts in 5 years to the moon. This is to be done just as it was done in the past, with Apollo 11’s landing in the late 1960s.

The mission is set to be scheduled for 2024. Furthermore, it is very close to NASA’s first-ever mission to Mars with a crew. According to NASA, its mission’s Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System (SLS) would go around the satellite for a test run initially. After that, the crew would set down on the satellite. Furthermore, NASA has also announced that the crew would have at least one female astronaut.

With the unveiling of the capsule, the VP, with pride, stated that through hard work of the men and women in NASA, they were able to make things better and finally prepare for the mission. With the first leg done and already over, he was excited to see the next mission, which is to fly into the space.

For now, as per the reports, NASA is preparing for the historic flight and take off from the Earth!

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