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The underwater Bogoslof Volcano in the Aleutian Islands explodes & produces giant bubbles

During the early 20th century, the sailors near Alaska reported that they saw black bubbles that seem to boil out from the sea. They were not only the sailors who reported the bizarre phenomenon, but they also were not confused, except for one thing that the bubbles were much larger.

When the underwater Bogoslof Volcano in the Aleutian Islands explodes, it produces giant bubbles that can reach up to 1,444 feet (440 meters). Volcanic gas is filled in the bubbles, so when they explode they form volcanic clouds which are tens of thousands of feet in the sky. The volcanic clouds that emerged due to the explosion were captured in satellite images taken after the Bogoslof volcano which last erupted in the year 2017, but the bubbles that were emerging were never Photostat.

During the time of the eruption, a dull croon remained in the air. There was a sound of low-frequency signals called infrasound the sounds that were below the level that humans can hear and it would last for a time span of up to 10 seconds. Lyons’s team, those who regularly monitored the active volcanoes in Alaska, could pick up on the signals in their data.

The team was in the search of the sound of the hum of huge gas bubbles growing within the magma of the erupting volcano. When the bubbles bursts, volcanic gas, water vapor, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide are released partly back into the water then it combines with lava stretch it into pieces and producing ash and volcanic clouds.

According to Lyons, the hollow explosive submarine eruptions are very rare. There are a number of undersea volcanicities, but most of them occur under a lot of water and at a depth hence all the extra pressure tends to abolish the explosive eruptions.

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