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 The Warnings of the Researchers against Homemade Sunscreen

In recent time, there has been an increased demand in the genre of to do it yourself skin care items. This includes all soaps and the toothpaste. In case of the social media users, the recipe of the homemade sunscreen is on the top of the list. However, there has been a new study which is warning people in the usage of the homemade sunscreen as this cannot protect your skin from the detrimental ultraviolet rays of the sun.

When opting for the Google search you get innumerable results in case of the homemade sunscreen lotions. They claim that the homemade item is non-toxic and absolutely natural for the skin type. They call it the simple formula for the skin.

The benefits of the DIY sunscreen comes with several deep-rooted factors like the plausible lower cost of the item, and the potent belief that hand made products are greater benefits for the skin type. These sunscreens are made of several natural and the chosen ingredients and the popular claim is that the lotion is extremely healthful when compared to the mass-produced sunscreen in the market. Most of the lotions that are commercially produced are made of harmful chemicals and they come illegal names in the market.

However, there has been a new and innovative study that is sure to warn people why one should not make use of the homemade recipe of the sunscreen that is quite popular online and the product is much to offer with the trusted protection against the potential sunburn.

The study stems from the source of the research team and this comes from the Centre for Injury Research and Policy and this is usable at the nationwide hospitals for the children in Columbus OH. One can easily discover the findings at the Health Journal Communication.

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