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Tinder Rebels against Google Play’s payment schemes


In a recent report, Tinder has been rebelling against Google. Google Play’s fees had been unnecessarily high and Tinder had had enough of that.

Since Google Play imposes a heavy fee when it comes to subscriptions, Tinder has been trying to find an alternative. At present, the app is still listed on Google Play but it does not go through the usual process of payments, instead, it goes along with a new process which allows the users to directly pay the company.

In this manner, Tinder remains on the platform but does not have to pay Google, which completely bypasses the requirements. However, with this, if you use the bypassing system of usual payment method, then you cannot go back.

However, a spokesperson for the app said that they were trying to do everything that they could to make the user’s experience. The issue here is that Google Play wants the larger chunk of the subscription money for themselves. However, just as Epic did with Fortnite previously, Tinder is on a move to rebelling!

With an app which is that popular, Google would not take their app down. Furthermore, it is completely natural for the developers to help the user’s pay directly. However, it a different matter completely for the developers to bypass the system. As per reports, when Bloomberg asked Google to comment on this, Google refused to say anything.

Tinder, as per statements, is trying to fight against inequality and unfair treatment. Both Google and Apple take 30% of the subscriptions from the developers, 15% after the first year. And with that, the only option that the developers have is to raise the prices. To explain this, here is an example: From Apple subscriptions, Apple gets all of the revenue. And from the subscriptions on Spotify, Spotify only gets $7.

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