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Virgin Galactic & the spacesuits with national flags and the name on the badges

Under Armour is making space suits that the Virgin Galactic astronauts will be wearing on the edge of the space. The spacesuit will be personally designed for each Virgin Galactic passenger and it will include national flags and the name on the badges. The spacesuit action fits into its broader push to sell the performance gear, like sweat-wicking shirts and shorts. The Virgin Galactic is now in the final stage of testing for its spacecraft, with the economical flights for tourists planned for next year.

The companies are cooperating on a full line of space wear for Virgin Galactic, which the companies are demanding as the first collection that was specially created for the private astronauts. The collection will include the spacesuit, a training suit, footwear and also a limited-edition jacket.

The spacecraft Virgin Galactic can carry six passengers, along with the two pilots, to the edge of space. The spaceship which will be dropped from a jet-powered aircraft at about a position of 40,000 feet before firing its rocket motor. During the Earth’s atmosphere while reaching over three times of the speed of sound while it climbs. After this, the spacecraft and its passengers float weightless for about 10 minutes, before descending back down to land on Earth mostly like a traditional aircraft.

The price of a ticket for a Virgin Galactic flight is about $250,000 for each person. Virgin Galactic-branded space-related t-shirts that were public for purchase in future went for sale on Under Armour’s website.

Virgin Galactic is presently in the final stage of testing its spacecraft, with the only pair of the flights remaining. Nearly 603 customers are still waiting for years to get the chance to fly.

The company is planning to start flying the economical flights in the year 2020.

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